How Can You Become a Scrum Master?

It’s a great time to become a Scrum Master.

With increasing demand for those who can run and participate in projects that respond well to change and deliver value frequently, anyone with Scrum skills and an understanding of how Scrum works is a valuable asset.

Making a career expansion to include Scrum Master in your list of certifications and skill-sets is a wise choice.

This article will give you a closer look at why becoming a Scrum Master is such a savvy move and how you can take steps to achieve a recognised Scrum Master Certification.

If you’re interested in learning more about the role of a Scrum Master, taking 3 – 4 minutes to read our article, “What does a Scrum Master do?” can give you a more detailed outline.

Why Become a Scrum Master?

We’ve already noted that Scrum Masters are in demand, but let’s review 5 more reasons this might be a rewarding role to take on.

1. It’s a Varied Role

Scrum Masters are the servant leaders of the Scrum Team.

Among other things, they:

  • facilitate the application of Scrum processes to a project
  • troubleshoot any distractions or blocks to productivity
  • collaborate with the Scrum Product Owner to define priorities for the team
  • mentor other Scrum Team members.

With this level of variety, you’ll never have a dull working day as a Scrum Master!

2. Scrum Master opens up new projects to you

Scrum projects are run a little differently than conventional projects.

They have shorter productivity cycles and tackle new and interesting challenges (such as working with a product that has difficult to define requirements).

3. Mentoring plays a significant part

If you’re interested in mentoring, Scrum Master is a role that allows you to strengthen this skill.

Scrum Masters support other team members, guiding them in the correct application of Scrum principles and helping them to balance their workload to avoid burnout.

4. Scrum’s Popularity Looks Set to Continue

Since its inception in the mid 90s, Scrum’s popularity has continued to grow. Its reach has spread from the software development sector to span across almost every area of business and industry.

Those who are trained and certified in using Scrum will always have interesting career options available to them. Starting to build your Scrum training and experience now is a wise step to take.

5. Job Satisfaction is Important

The importance of job satisfaction cannot be underestimated. Scrum Masters get to work on dynamic projects that achieve great results.

Scrum teams are highly-motivated and work exceptionally well together. Being part of a team like this is a truly rewarding experience.

How to Become a Scrum Master

The route to becoming a knowledgeable, certified Scrum Master can be a relatively painless one!

Once you have found a Scrum Master Course that meets your needs, take action as soon as possible.

You’ll need to set aside time for study and completing your exam.

We have noted that many of our Scrum Master Certification Course students can achieve certification within 1 month – sometimes even less.

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