What is the best Scrum Master Certification?

What is the Best Scrum Master Certification?

Getting certified as a Scrum Master might be easier than it initially seems. With so many options to choose from, it may appear to be a daunting task at first glance.

We have created the following checklist for selecting the best Scrum Master Certification as a guide for your decision-making process.

Choosing what’s right for you

To begin with, it’s helpful to know that there’s no “best” Scrum Master Certification. There is only what’s best for you and for your next career step.

That being said, we recommend doing a little research to check off the checkpoints we have listed below. These checkpoints are designed to offer you a clear route to choosing the right Scrum Master Certification for your career.

How to Find the Right Scrum Master Certification

Consider the questions below as you go about your Scrum Master research. It can be helpful to note down your answers as you work through them. You’ll begin to see your ideal solution emerge.

  • How will you learn best?

    Are you an online, self-led learner or a focused, classroom learner? Perhaps you’re a little of both?

    Find a course that will fit into your preferred learning style.

  • What fits your schedule best?

    Do you need a fast-track approach that sets you up for gaining Scrum knowledge and certification in an intensive yet shortened time frame? Would you prefer smaller pockets of information over a longer period of time?

  • What suits your situation best?

    Most Scrum Master Courses will not require any previous experience. However, it’s wise to double check this before settling on any particular option.

  • What is on offer?

    For each training and certification option you consider, take a look at exactly what you’ll gain from completing the programme.

    What does the course content cover? Is the certification well-recognised? Can you travel with it (international recognition)? Is the training provider established and credible?

  • Will this get you to where you want to go?

    Think about your goals for undertaking Scrum Master training. Practical Scrum skills? Detailed knowledge about how to run a Scrum project? Certification that makes your skills stand out?

    Does the course you’re considering get you there or at least on track for achieving those goals?

  • Can you get answers to all your questions?

    However you choose to complete training and certification, it’s crucial that you can get answers to any questions you have. Is there plenty of clearly displayed information available? Can you speak to an advisor?

Next Steps…

Hopefully, the many questions listed above have helped you to compile a vivid picture about what will be the right training and certification option for your career.

The next step is to get researching, get training, and get Scrum Master certified!

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